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We have come up as a highly reliable Exporter, Importer and Supplier of Bentonite in Hyderabad. The Bentonite, offered by us, is appreciated for its super fine quality. We can supply Dolomite in lump and Granule form in medium as well as bulk quantities across the globe. CLAY-130 is an activation sodium bentonite for foundry,as a bonding material for sand molds in the production of Iron and Steel castings,suitable for use in most Green Sand Molding System.

  • High Green compression Strength & Wet Tensile Strength
  • Good anti-scab capacity
  • Good shear strength & toughness
  • Excellent thermal-durability
  • Good Flow ability & Preserve ability
  • Easy shake-out

Technical Data
  • Moisture(%) : テ「可、12
  • Particle Size(passing 200 mesh,%)テつ : テ「可・85
  • Green Compression Strength (KPa) : テ「可・130
  • Wet Tensile Strength (KPa) : テ「可・3.5
  • Swell Value(ml/3g) : テ「可・90
  • Methylene Blue(g/100g) : テ「可・36
  • Green Compression Strength(550oC0.5h,KPa) : テ「可・80
  • Methylene Blue(600oC1h,g/100g) : テ「可・18
  • Dry Compression Strength (180oC1h,KPa) : テ「可・200

Test Method : According to China Machine Industry Standard JB/T9227-1999.

Technical Service : When you are using CLAY-130 bentonite,we will supply technical service on time,help you analysis molding sand properties,and draw up a plan for improve your molding sand system.

Package & Srorage : Package:25Kg,40Kg,1000Kg,customersテ「 demands.