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Solar System and Materials

Solar System and Materials

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We are successfully making available Solar System & Modules in the global market. Solar Panels that we bring forth are widely used in Grid and Off-Grid Systems applications. Our Solar Energy Systems are renowned for their operational fluency, longevity and cost effective prices. Buyers can acquire them in small and bulk quantity, from us. One can rely on us for timely deliveries.

More about Solar Energy System

  • Solar Pumps : Innovative solution that converts solar energy to electrical energy for water pumping. Unique smart control technology handles the initial surge current requirements. The system is used for an existing 3-phase AC pump ranging from 1HP to 25HP.Dual switch between solar and grid electricity for easy change over from grid to solar. Easy & affordable, compared to the other DC pumping solutions, available in the markets.
  • Solar Roof Top Systems : SOLAR PV Roof Top systems from 1 kW to 100 kw in Off-Grid (Grid supported) and On-grid modes. Components of the system like modules, batteries, PCU (inverter) and galvanized structure made in house and tested to the required standards. Every house and building utilizes their roofs for generating power through SOLAR PV; the world will have better day’s in future in handling fossil fuels.
  • Solar Cells : Solar cell technology dates as far back to 1839 when a French physicist Anotoine-Cesar Becquerel first discovered that the shining of light over an electrode submerged in a mixture of specific chemicals could create an electric current.
  • What are Photovoltaic cells ?
    Photovoltaic cells (called PV or solar cells) are made of silicon (sand). The silicon is heated to high temperatures. It is then covered in chemicals. This makes an unstable environment inside the solar cell. Then, when light hits the cell, electrons are moved and travel through the wires placed inside the cell. The electrons follow the wire and power whatever is hooked up to it, and that is solar power.

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